Zaher Mahmud

Films about Kurdistan:

Kurdish meeting; 2008

Karim Kaban, Zaher handing a present to Karim; 2007

Document made by Gali Kurdistan TV; Zaher and Martha;2007

Auto which was bombed in Bagdad, exposed in the Leidseplein; interview with Zaher; 2007

Nos news about Saddam Hussein; interview with Zaher 2006

Interview with Zaher about the hanging of Saddam; 2006

Back to Kurdistan after 30 years; 2003

Zaher returns home; 2003

Thalium Poisson killed my mother; visiting her grave; 2000

Interview PUK TV with Zaher; 1993

Dutch parlementair delegation in Kurdistan; 1993

Dutch Parlement delegation with Zaher in Kurdistan; 1993

Kasmlo and Mam Jalal; 1980

Document; Talabani and Peshmerga’s; 1978

Dr. Mahmood talking about the phosphorbom in Hakari; 1976

Puk starts revolutin in Hakari; 1975

The Voice of Kurdistan, Kurdish film, Zozik; 1974

Massoud, Idris, Saddam, Achmed Hassan Bakr and dokter Mahmoud; 1971

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